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Porter Classic


22nd Annual Porter Classic - Team Entered
6.0 Events
Snowplow Sam Synchro Skills 3 Open Juvenile Open Collegiate
Fraser Eclipse Evolution    Adrian College Varsity
Hockettes Capital Classics Radiance Miami University Open Collegiate SST
Livonia Icettes Preliminary Chicago Skates Ohio University SST
Crystallettes Creative Edge SST University of Maryland Black
Synchro Skills 1 Hockettes Dazzlers - Blue University of Maryland Red
Arctic Edge Unity IceStars Dazzlers - Silver University of Michigan SST
Chicago Skates Starfire Glenview Blades University of Minesota Duluth
Creative Edge SST Teams Elite Hockettes University of Missouri SST
Crystallettes Ice Diamonds University of Notre Dame
Evolution Blue Pre-Juvenile Ice Force University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire SST
Evolution Pink   Livonia Icettes University of Wisconsin-Madison SST
Hockettes Arctic Edge Unity Madison Ice Diamonds
Ice Reflections Chicago Radiance Metallites Open Adult
Livonia Icettes Chicago Skates Northern Lights   
Northern Lights  Crystallettes Precicettes Elite Buckeye Synchronized Skating
ONYX  Dazzlers Southern Stars Blue Team Grand Valley State University SST
Southgate Stars Evolution Southern Stars Gold Team Infinity-Onyx 
Starlights Fond du Lac Blades Southgate Stars Madison Ice Diamonds
Synchro St. Louis Jade Blades Fraser Eclipse Starlights Revolution
Ice Diamonds Synchro St. Louis Ice Gems Team Reflections
Synchro Skills 2 Ice Reflections Turning Points
Arctic Edge Unity Infinity SST Open Masters  
Chicago Skates Louisville River Stars   Masters
Hockettes Madison Ice Diamonds Cold Fusion  
Ice Diamonds Miami Skating Academy SST Evolution DC EDGE
Livonia Icettes ONYX  Evolution 
Louisville Shooting Stars Revolution Goldenettes SST
Madison Ice Diamonds  Starlights Hockettes
ONYX  Team Delaware IceSymmetrics
Starlights United Ice  Team Delaware
22nd Annual Porter Classic - Teams Entered
IJS Events
Juvenile Intermediate Junior Collegiate
Chicago Jazz Auroras Chicago Jazz Adrian College Varsity
Cleveland Ice Storm California Gold  DC EDGE Liberty University Flames
Crystallettes Capital Classics Intensity Fond du Lac Blades Miami University Collegiate Varsity SST
Hockettes Capital Ice Chips Hockettes Michigan State University SST
Saint Louis Synergy Chicago Jazz Northernettes  University of Delaware SST
Starfire Chicago Skates  Skyliners  University of Illinois SST
Starlights Cleveland Ice Storm Starlights University of Michigan SST
Team del Sol Crystallettes Synchroettes Western Michigan University
Team Delaware Dazzlers Team Delaware
Teams Elite Fond du Lac Blades Adult
Fusion Senior Crystallettes
Novice Hockettes Adrian College Varsity DC EDGE
Cleveland Ice Storm Ice Diamonds California Gold  Infinity-Onyx 
Crystallettes Kansas City Illusion Miami University Senior Varsity SST Starlights
Dazzlers Madison Ice Diamonds Skyliners  Team Delaware
Hockettes Richmond Synchro  United Ice
ONYX  Saint Louis Synergy
Skyliners  Skyliners 
Starlights Starfire
Synchro St. Louis Diamond Edges Starlights
Team Ashburn Team Ashburn
Team Delaware Team del Sol
Teams Elite Team Delaware
Teams Elite


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